It is important to remember that just because you found a picture online DOESN'T mean you have the right to use the picture any way you want. Everything online is protected by Copyright. On one hand, Fair Use allows teachers and students to use pictures for educational purposes. However, when projects start getting uploaded online, Fair Use gets a little fuzzy. It is always wise to first search pictures that are in the Public Domain or permission has been granted. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Perk Up Your Projects - lots of ideas to take your project to a whole new level

Here are a few resources for pictures free for use! Just remember...

  1. Check the terms and conditions for each site.
  2. Check for the proper attribution.
  3. Give proper citation for any borrowed images. : FREE images for your creative uses

EduPic : Graphical resources for educators and students

DK Books - Free Clipart: DK's famous photographs for school and personal use

Public Domain Clipart : 25,000+ clipart images

PD Photo : Royalty-free, public domain, stock photos - be aware that some photos are still protected under copyright (marked as such)