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What is a book trailer? Just like a movie trailer, book trailers are designed to entice audience members to check out the book. Book trailers have become very popular. Publishers, authors, and every-day readers create trailers for all types of books.
A book trailer can include voice-overs, live action, a series of pictures, text, and more. Knowing your intended audience and the mood you want to create are most important. Set up a plan using a storyboard, sketching out the type of pictures or video action you want in each sequence. Choose music that helps set the tone....just remember to choose music in the public domain. If the music you need does not give clear permission to use freely, get written permission to use the copyrighted song OR limit your use to only 30 seconds from the song.

Examples of Book Trailers:

Book Trailers found on SchoolTube

Royalty/Copyright Free Music and Pictures (remember to still give credit to your sources!)
JewelBeat.com: FREE Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects
Partners in Rhyme : Look at menu on left-hand side for FREE royalty free music, sound effects, etc.

Make Better Videos:
Vimeo Video School

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